Affordable Cloud Hosting Recommendations (No iNode Limit)

By Thomas Kaisuka | | Updated On: Sun, 12/19/2021 - 10:09

Affordable Cloud Hosting Recommendations (No iNode Limit)

With the current A.I powered world and Machine Learning all over the place, even the smallest of Word Press blogs has the potential of choking a traditional shared web hosting platform. 

Cloudways provides a solution that is truly dedicated in terms of storage and no need of worrying about iNode counts and bandwidth caps. Cloudways offers affordable cloud hosting solutions using architectures from Linode, Gooogle Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Vultur.

But the most affordable of them all is the Digital Ocean Platform. To make it even Juicier, the new premium NVMe based droplets have been added to the available scalable hosting options.

These Additional NVMe based droplets are fiercely robust.

Forget the talk of them trying to squeeze out a few dollars for NVMe vis-a-vis the already existent SSD storage. 

I have been using the 2GB NVMe based droplet after downgrading the from the 4GB SSD based droplet and the performance has not been hampered so far. This is coupled with the fast Read and Write speeds of NVMe storage devices. You can start your hosting platform for as low as $5!!

So, for crying out cloud, go get your self a 3 day free trial sign up and have $15 dollars credited to your account to cater for your first month of hosting by following this link here

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